Sociology in software engineering

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


American Society for Engineering Education

Place of Publication

Utah, United States of America


School of Computer and Information Science




Originally published as: Caulfield, C., Kohli, G., Maj, S.P. (2004). Sociology in software engineering. In Proceedings of the 2004 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition. (pp 1 - 13). Utah, United States of America: American Society for Engineering Education. Original paper available here


The sociology of software project management is an often under-represented component in the education and professional development of software engineers even though factors such as team formation, role assignment, motivation, training, hiring, and many other peopleware18 practices have been identified many times as at least equally important to the success of software projects as the technical14,16,18,42,44,45,46. The reasons for this may be two-fold: the seeming arbitrariness of the sociological factors in software development is at odds with the formal and familiar technical aspects; and the lack of suitable tools with which to model and understand human dynamics...