Exploring design among small hospitality and tourism operations

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This article was originally published as: Alonso, A. D., & Ogle, A. (2008). Exploring design among small hospitality and tourism operations. Journal of Retail & Leisure Property, 7(4), 325-337. Original available here


Despite numerous efforts by researchers to examine the importance of design among hospitality and tourism operations, little if any attention has been paid to small operations of these industries, for example, to the level of importance operators place on facility design. Semi-structured face-to-face and phone interviews among 30 businesses located in Western Australia were used in the data collection process. Overall, respondents not only indicated being actively involved in the design of their small businesses, but also emphasised the importance of maintaining a balance between the physical aspect and their operations' natural surroundings. Simplicity and efficiency are also identified and used as operations' appealing factors. Because of the important role that small enterprises play in the hospitality and tourism industries, the findings of this study have important implications for ways in which design is being utilised among these operations to promote efficiency, comfort and value to guests' experience. These areas, in turn, could positively contribute to businesses' well-being. This exploratory study investigates an area that to date, despite its fundamental importance, has received limited attention in different fronts, including in academic research.



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