Importance of design for small Western Australian wineries

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This article was originally published as: Alonso, A. D., & Ogle, A. (2008). Importance of design for small Western Australian wineries. Journal of Retail & Leisure Property, 7(2), 139-147. Original available here


The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of winery facility design among operators of small wineries open to the public, and to what extent operators use this element to market their winery to visitors. A total of ten small wineries, eight of them representing the entire Chittering Valley Wine Trail near Perth in Western Australia, agreed to participate and to be interviewed face to face. Operators view their role in the design of their winery building in various ways, including using the cellar door as a critical tool to enhance visitors’ winery experience. Of particular importance is the environment wineries promote through their uncomplicated yet inviting design. The very small sample of wineries in this study does not allow for making generalisations of the many existing small wineries in Western Australia. The value operators place on the association between the winery, the surroundings and the area where the winery is located is a critical component that will positively reflect on visitors’ experience and may transcend beyond their visit. The study examines an emerging wine trail and a dimension, small winery design, that to date have received limited attention in academic research.



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