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Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI)




This article was originally published as: Nur E Alam, M. , Vasiliev, M. , Alameh, K. , & Kotov, V. (2011). Synthesis of high-performance magnetic garnet materials and garnet-bismuth oxide nanocomposites using physical vapor deposition followed by high-temperature crystallization. Pure and Applied Chemistry, 83(11), 1971-1980. Original article available here


Bi-substituted iron garnet (Bi:IG) compounds synthesized in thin film form are the best semi-transparent magneto-optical (MO) materials for applications in magnetic recording, optical sensors, and photonics. These materials can possess attractive magnetic properties and the highest specific Faraday rotation in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions, if the deposited layers contain a high volumetric fraction of the garnet phase and possess high-quality surfaces and microstructure. In this paper, we study the effects of various deposition and annealing process parameters on the properties of Bi:IG and garnet-oxide nanocomposite films of several composition types fabricated using radio-frequency (RF) sputtering deposition followed by high-temperature isothermal crystallization. We also investigate the kinetics of garnet phase formation within a garnet-Bi-oxide nanocomposite material.


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