Environmental education and small business environmental activity

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Journal Article


Cambridge University Press


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Management / Small and Medium Enterprise Research Centre




This article was originally published as: Redmond, J. L., & Walker, E. A. (2011). Environmental education and small business environmental activity. Australian Journal of Environmental Education , 27(2), 238-248. Original article available here


Environmental education is seen as a key driver of small business environmental management, yet little is known about the activities small business owner-managers are undertaking to reduce their environmental impact or in what areas they may need education. Therefore, research that can identify environmental management activities being undertaken in small businesses may provide potential targets for education. As intention to behave in a particular way is often predicated on some sort of planning, extending the research questions to ascertain if planning is occurring and its impact on environmental behaviour in small businesses is also seen as critical. The results revealed that, overall, the level of environmental activity in small business was low and that less than a quarter had an environmental plan. In addition, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing green energy are not areas of engagement for most small businesses and are recommended as potential targets for education.


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