Red teaming with coevolution

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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Security Science / Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation Research Centre




This article was originally published as: Hingston, P. F., & Preuss, M. (2011). Red teaming with coevolution. Paper presented at the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. New Orleans, USA. Original article available here


In this paper we present a coevolutionary algorithm designed to be used as a computational tool to assist in red teaming studies. In these applications, analysts seek to understand the strategic and tactical options available to each side in a conflict situation. Combining scenario simulations with a coevolutionary search of parameter space is an approach that has many attractions. We argue that red teaming applications are sufficiently different from many others where coevolution is used so that specially designed algorithms can bring advantages. We illustrate by presenting a new algorithm that simultaneously evolves strong strategies along with dangerous counter-strategies. We test the new algorithm on two example problems: an abstract problem with some difficult characteristics; and a practical red teaming scenario. Experiments show that the new algorithm is able to solve the abstract problem well, and that it is able to provide useful insights on the red teaming scenario.




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