A Robust Mobile Business Card Reader using MMCC barcode

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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering (SOE) / Centre for Communications Engineering Research




This article was originally published as: Ong, S. K., Chai, D. K., & Rassau, A. M. (2011) A robust mobile business card reader using MMCC barcode. Paper presented at the IEEE Symposium on Computers and Informatics (ISCI). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Original article available here


Business cards have existed since the 19th century and exchanging of business cards is common during introduction. The digital version, an electronic business card, helps to share information quickly and accurately. Also, it allows information to be stored and easily located. However, the current state of the art in business card readers using OCR technology usually fail in correctly reading all elements of the business card. Hence, in this paper, we proposed the use of an Mobile Multi-Colour Composite (MMCC) barcode printed on the business card. Containing the electronic version of the business card, the MMCC barcode allows cheap and accurate reading of the business card with a mobile phone camera. To highlight the effectiveness of the proposed method, we compared the results against commercially available business card readers, both in desktop and mobile versions.