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This article was originally published as: Jackson, P., Garner, S., & Klobas, J. (2011). Wiki design for student sssignments: should it be prescribed or emergent?. Paper presented at the Ed-Media 2011 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications. Lisbon, Portugal. NULLSTATE. Original article available here


In this paper we examine how to approach the question of information and site design in the use of wikis for student group assignments. The popular literature about Wikis proposes that they allow for “emergent, user-driven design”. We develop a model in order to analyse what approach to design might be appropriate in student group work. We gave one class of students a prescribed assignment layout with clear instructions regarding navigation menus and another group the same assignment with little or no guidance about how to design their site. Initial results show that prescribing the design increases perceptions of self-efficacy. Whilst self-efficacy is correlated with higher perceived quality of the site and with use of a greater range of wiki functions, there is no correlation with perceived usefulness of the wiki as a tool.