Studies on Pareto-based multi-objective Competitive Coevolutionary Dynamics

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This article was originally published as: Zeng, F., Decraene, J., Low, M., Cai, W., & Hingston, P. F. (2011). Studies on Pareto-based multi-objective Competitive Coevolutionary Dynamics. Paper presented at the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. New Orleans, USA. Original article available here


Competitive coevolutionary algorithms are stochastic population-based search algorithms. To date, most competitive coevolution research has been carried in the domain of single-objective optimization. We propose a novel competitive coevolutionary framework to explore Pareto-based multiobjective competitive coevolution. This framework utilizes the hypervolume indicator and fitness sharing mechanism to address disengagement and over-specialisation issues. A diversity-driven evolutionary selection scheme is utilized to deal with the loss of fitness gradient problem. Several series of experiments are conducted using multi-objective two-sided competitive games. The results suggest that Pareto-optimal solutions can effectively be found using our proposed coevolutionary framework.