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This article was originally published as: Sansurooah, K. (2012). An Overview of Cloud Computing Challenges and Its Security Concerns. Proceedings of The 2012 International Conference on Security & Management . (pp. 613-620). Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. CSREA Press. Original article available here


There has been an increasing advancement about Cloud computing during the past couple of years. Cloud computing has become a new computer model which aims to deliver reliable, customizable and scalable computing environment for end-users. Companies are choosing to move their data, applications and services to the Cloud. The advantages are significant ranging from increasing the availability, reliability, light weight, easily accessible applications, and low cost but so are the risks associated with. Companies that require application hosting could potentially benefit from the provisioning of computing infrastructure resources as a service. In addition to the economic advantages of an on-demand computing environment, businesses also enjoy the flexibility to scale up or down their services to accommodate the changing nature or the business requirement without having to invest in new equipment however, migrating data to the Cloud exposed the data to be an easy and vulnerable target for all the maliciously intended actors all over the world. This paper brings an introduction overview to Cloud computing, it’s enabling technologies behind such a design, its evolution and finally the security concerns that is entails.