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This article was originally published as: Chen, X., Yan, B., Song, F., Wang, Y., Xiao, F. , & Alameh, K. (2012). Diffraction of digital micromirror device gratings and its effect on properties of tunable fiber lasers. Applied Optics, 51(30), 7214-7220. Original article available here


A digital micromirror device (DMD) is a kind of widely used spatial light modulator. We apply DMD as wavelength selector in tunable fiber lasers. Based on the two-dimensional diffraction theory, the diffraction of DMD and its effect on properties of fiber laser parameters are analyzed in detail. The theoretical results show that the diffraction efficiency is strongly dependent upon the angle of incident light and the pixel spacing of DMD. Compared with the other models of DMDs, the 0.55 in. DMD grating is an approximate blazed state in our configuration, which makes most of the diffracted radiation concentrated into one order. It is therefore a better choice to improve the stability and reliability of tunable fiber laser systems.

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