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This article was originally published as: Yap, K., & Matson, P. L. (2012). Human semen can be air-dried prior to testing for sperm DNA fragmentation with the Halosperm® G2 kit. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction, 1(2), 102-104. Original article available here


Objective: To explore a method of semen storage prior to assessment of sperm DNA fragmentation. Methods: This study examined a simplified alternative of air-drying semen on a microscope slide and reconstituting in seminal plasma prior to assessment of sperm DNA fragmentation using the halosperm® G2 kit. Results: It showed that semen could be air-dried and stored overnight at room temperature with no detrimental effect on DNA quality. A significant correlation between results existed for 20 semen samples both air-dried and snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen (r=0.982, P=0.000). A mean difference between the results of only −1.98% confirmed the effectiveness of air-drying compared to snap-freezing. Conclusions: Future studies to refine this technique are required on the effect of extrinsic factors such as the choice of reconstituting medium, and stability over an extended time-frame at different temperatures.

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