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Edith Cowan University


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Prepared for: Juan Fernando Larranaga

WA Program Manager


This is the first progress report of the local evaluation of the Dampier Peninsula Indigenous Parent Support Program (IPS). The evaluative report extends the Participatory Action Research (PAR) based evaluation plan (Guilfoyle, Baker, & Bray, 2011). It includes a theoretical discussion on resilience building, community development, and the role of parenting support for early child development, through links to literature and direct evidence captured through community based observations, notes, and recorded interviews with IPS workers, community members, and key stakeholders on the communities and in Broome, and case studies. The evaluation assessed IPS activities in light of its policy framework and a conceptual framework. The focus is intended to provide evidence useful in the planning, acting, and reflecting of the Dampier Peninsula IPS staff, and for broader efforts to support parents in remote Aboriginal communities.

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