Support for intention driven cloud government entitlement services

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This article was originally published as: Karam, Y., Baker, T., & Taleb-Bendiab, A. (2013). Support for intention driven cloud government entitlement services. Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Computer Applications Technology. (pp. 1 -7). Sousse, Tunisia. IEEE. Original article available here


This paper examines the role of judicial cloud based services in assurance of law enforcement and access to justice for citizen social networks. We are using open service oriented model standard XACML as dynamic runtime based business process modeling, while citizens can dynamically express their instant needs using intentions. We foresee these intentions as temporal goal oriented models by automatically reasoning the requirements driven analysis for these goals. Our approach provides complete business model architecture that stimulates citizen needs. The new contribution of our approach shows how temporal changes of citizen's intentions shall provide different role based entitlement as forced by government laws. We examine judicial entitlement services like notarization services and how different purpose based citizen-to-citizen, citizen-to-business scenarios for each service shall be helpful to anticipate context interactions, thus to avoid business conflict of interest between each of citizens, their societies and government laws and policies. Failing to fulfill minimum requirement for such law enforcement, will reason for automatic re-routing of such intention model to use litigation services, which also contain automatic escalation and management to court based litigation services.