Support for non IT savvy teachers to incorporate games

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This article was originally published as: Kutay, C., Sim, M. G., & Wain, T. (2013). Support for non IT savvy teachers to incorporate games. In Proceedings of International Conference on Web-based Learning (pp. 141-151). Berlin, Germany: Springer. Original article available here


This research is to provide the tools for novice IT users to develop immersive games for teaching. The tools were developed in the context of a project in which Aboriginal Australian people, who are members of university or general communities, describe and explain their culture to non-Aboriginal students. Learning from Aboriginal cultural ways of teaching, these tools can be applied to other domains. The teaching environment includes recorded narratives in an interactive cross-cultural training game which is to be used as part of the professional preparation of students working in health. The paper focuses on the tools used to generate learning environment from the stories. This includes authoring the rules for the agent's emergent narrative in the teaching games, learning paths to link individual contribution into a coherent story, and scenarios generated using visual tools to support contributors. The tools have been used to generate prototypes from a previously collected set of stories stories, constructing scenarios by compiling them from simpler interactions and this process will be used in future story collection workshops to provide story providers with better control of how they will contribute to the teaching framework.

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