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Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Education/Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies




This article was originally published as: Newhouse, C. P. (2013). Learning with portable digital devices in Australian schools: 20 years on!. The Australian Educational Researcher, 41(4), 471-483. The final publication is available at Springer via here


Portable computing technologies such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, wireless networking, voice/stylus input, and plug and play peripheral devices, appear to offer the means of finally realising much of the long heralded vision for computers to support learning in schools. There is the possibility for the technology to finally become a ubiquitously invisible component of the learning environment, empowering children to attempt feats well beyond their current capabilities. These technologies are finding a place in many schools, and there has now been over two decades of research conducted into their use in schools. What is now known about implementing portable computing technologies in schools? What should educational leaders take from this research before making decisions about the technologies used in schools?