Opinion Mining from User Reviews

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This article was originally published as: Tripathy, A. K., Sundararajan, R., Deshpande, C., Mishra, P., & Natarajan, N. (2015). Opinion mining from user reviews. In Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICTSD), 2015 International Conference on (pp.1-5). IEEE. Original article available here


Due to advancement of technology and mainly Internet, the concept of marketing and selling of product has reached to a new level. Now-a-days, lots of companies rely on user reviews for launching their product. These reviews play an important role or companies to know how their product has been accepted in the market. But, today, thousands of reviews are generated for a product. Companies have to process each of these reviews to get user opinion as well as ideas, which is a very tedious and time-consuming. This paper discourses about extracting opinions from the user reviews is semi-automatic, in the sense that it requires some amount of expert assistance. Expert assistance is required for building the domain knowledge for the system, so as to make the system learn about the domain specific words]. The proposed system, using domain knowledge, identifies and extracts the opinions for a given product. These extracted opinions include the opinion words, their polarity in from of weights and for which feature these opinions was provided and system aggregates the extracted opinions them for better display.



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