Effortless activity tracking with Google Fit

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Originally published as: Menaspà, P. (2015). Effortless activity tracking with Google Fit in British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49, 1598. Available here.


Google Fit actively contributes to the evolution of physical activity tracking with over five million downloads in 6 months since its release. The application is a simple and effortless activity tracker that runs in the background of Android devices and automatically recognises and records physical activities such as walking, running and cycling. Users can set their own activity goal (ie, duration of activity or number of steps) and using a countdown they can see how far they are from achieving their daily goal. The app also presents an overview of daily physical activities, reporting the total active time for each activity type, which can be broken down to the duration and location of each single activity. The user can also provide basic information (gender, height and weight) for the application to estimate the calories burned. Furthermore, the app has a chart page reporting the daily, weekly or monthly activity time.



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