Occupational therapy and occupational participation in community dwelling older adults: A review of the evidence

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Originally published as : Papageorgiou, N., Marquis, R., Dare, J., & Batten, R. (2016).Occupational Therapy and Occupational Participation in Community Dwelling Older Adults: A Review of the Evidence. Physical & occupational therapy in geriatrics, 34 (1), p. 21-42. Available here


Aims: To review recent occupational therapy literature to establish the current level of evidence on how occupation may influence participation and may prevent or reduce social isolation in community dwelling older adults aged 60 years and over. Methods: Pertinent electronic databases were comprehensively searched using a guiding search strategy and inclusion criteria. Data extraction and quality assessment was conducted on included studies. Results: 14 studies were included in the review. The occupational domains within the studies that contributed to social participation or social isolation included instrumental activities of daily living, education, leisure, work and social participation. Conclusions: Evidence is emerging within recent literature to support a positive relationship between occupations, social participation and the prevention of social isolation in community dwelling older adults aged 60 years and over. Evidence supports the highly relevant and valuable role of occupational therapy in facilitating healthy aging through supporting social participation and addressing social isolation for the increasingly aging global population. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.