Extracting intelligence from digital Forensic artefacts

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Journal Article


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Originally published as: Vidalis, S., Angelopoulou, O., & Jones, A. (2016, July). Extracting Intelligence From Digital Forensic Artefacts. In European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (p. 282). Academic Conferences International Limited. Article found here


Forensic science and in particular digital forensics as a business process has predominantly been focusing on generating evidence for court proceedings. It is argued that in today's socially-driven, knowledge-centric, virtual-computing era, this is not resource effective. In past cases it has been discovered retrospectively that the necessary information for a successful identification and extraction of evidence was previously available in a database or within previously analysed files. Such evidence could have been proactively used in order to solve a particular case, a number of linked cases or to better understand the criminal activity as a whole. This paper will present a conceptual architecture for a distributed system that will allow forensic analysts to forensically fuse and semantically analyse digital evidence for the extraction of intelligence that could lead to the accumulation of knowledge necessary for a successful prosecution.