Behaviour of embedded footing on geotextile-reinforced sand

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Originally published as: Kazi, M., Shukla, S. K., & Habibi, D. (2015). Behaviour of an embedded footing on geotextile-reinforced sand. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Ground Improvement, 169(2), 120-133. Original article available here


This paper describes an experimental investigation of the load–settlement behaviour of a model strip footing resting on a reinforced homogeneous sand bed for several embedment depths at medium-dense to very dense states of sand. The reinforcement is a single-layer woven geotextile layer without and with wraparound ends at a depth of 0·3B from the base of the footing of width B. A particular focus of this study is the effect of wraparound ends of the reinforcement on the load-bearing capacity. The experimental results of the study are compared with numerical findings from a finite-element analysis carried out using the Plaxis 2D software. The study shows there is a significant improvement in both the load-bearing capacity and the stiffness of the sand bed with increasing footing embedment depth as well as with the provision of wraparound ends of the reinforcement. The numerical results follow the experimental results closely for the lower settlement values. The results presented in graphical form in this paper can be used as general guidelines for practical conditions similar to those considered in the present study.



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