On a translated frame-based approach to geometric modeling of robots

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Journal Article


Configuration, Geometrical representation, Homogenous operators, Jacobian matrix, Pose


School of Engineering


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Pozna, C., & Precup, R. E. (2017). On a translated frame-based approach to geometric modeling of robots. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 91, 49 - 58. Original article available here


The geometric modeling gives the structure configuration and enables the derivation of the kinematic or dynamic models of robots, it involves a procedure for reference frames definition and a specific formalism that allows the poses transformations from a reference frame to another one. This paper proposes a new geometrical modeling approach, referred to as the translated frame-based approach, which has two main advantages over the state-of-the art, namely the reference frames definition is intuitive and it eliminates the computation of the transformation operators. The frames definitions are reduced to apparent translations of the base frame and the computation is replaced with choosing an operator from a collection of six operators that cover all transformation possibilities. The suggested approach is validated by the computation of the geometric models of a PUMA robot and a redundant robot.