Evaluating national innovation ecosystems: The case of Australia and Singapore

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


International Society for Professional Innovation Management

Place of Publication

United Kingdom


School of Business and Law


Originally publishes as: Yuliani, S., & Standing, C. (2016). Evaluating national innovation ecosystems: The case of Australia and Singapore. In ISPIM Innovation Symposium: Manchester. (pp. 1-13). ISPIM. Paper available here.


In this paper, we evaluate national innovation ecosystems using a systems perspective. Drawing on the system concepts of holism, emergence and open systems features, we analyse national innovation ecosystems of Australia and Singapore. The extent of the systems concepts varies between the two countries although both countries' policies highlight aspects of holism, emergence, and being an open system, on a number of national policies: human capital investment, infrastructure, private-public collaboration, funding support, and innovation corporate culture. A systems perspective is essential to be considered as the theoretical foundation and evaluation of national innovation ecosystems for policy makers, businesses and scholars to learn from each other and progress forward together.