The Cambodian experience: exploring university students’ perspectives for online learning

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Journal Article


Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Inc.

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School of Business and Law


Originally published as: Crews, J., & Parker, J. (2017). The Cambodian experience: Exploring university students' perspectives for online learning. Issues in Educational Research, 27(4), 697-719. Original article available here.


Over the past few years there has been a rapid growth in online learning in higher education institutions in most developed countries around the world. However, many developing countries have not yet embraced this educational approach. In this paper, we discuss some of the benefits and challenges for implementing online learning in developing countries, and some of the issues students from developing countries face when studying abroad. We then describe how an online course, based on authentic learning principles (Herrington, Reeves & Oliver, 2010), was designed and implemented using a design-based research approach to provide Cambodian university students with the opportunity to experience online learning for the first time. The data findings and facilitator reflections for the initial implementation of the course are then presented and discussed. Finally, we provide recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the course design for future implementations.

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