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This article was originally published as: Marchioro G., Ryan M.M., Perkins T. (2014). Implementing an interdisciplinary student centric approach to work-integrated learning. Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 15(4), 359-368. Original article available here


This paper describes the implementation of an innovative approach to work-integrated learning using interdisciplinary projects within a university Faculty of Business. Further, it discusses the implementation of integrated and authentic assessments involving academic units in the marketing, urban planning and business communication disciplines. The authors reflect on issues involved with the introduction of interdisciplinary teaching and learning strategies, representing a shift from traditional silo approaches in tertiary education. The paper considers how a student-centered learning approach can support innovation in higher education. It highlights the importance of providing students with an integrated, in situ approach to learning within the context of their own learning institution. The paper concludes by asserting that universities can provide business students with authentic and relevant business problems, the opportunity to access the resources of the university and engage with staff and students across a range of disciplines to facilitate a project-based learning environment on-campus.

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