Submissions from 2010


A Practical Approach to Assess Depression Risk and to Guide Risk Reduction Strategies in Later Life, Osvaldo Almeida, Helman Alfonso, Jane Pirkis, Ngaire Kerse, Moira Sim, Leon Flicker, John Snowdon, Brian Draper, Gerard Byrne, Robert Goldney, Nicola Lautenschlager, Nigel Stocks, Marcia Scazufca, Martijn Huisman, Ricardo Araya, and John Pfaff


Inhaled methoxyflurane and intranasal fentanyl for prehospital management of visceral pain in an Australian ambulance service., Steven Johnston, Gary Wilkes, Jennifer Thompson, Melanie Ziman, and Richard Brightwell

Road-Ready Paramedics and the Supporting Sciences Curriculum, Eileen Willis, Brett Williams, Richard Brightwell, Peter O'Meara, and Timothy Pointon

Submissions from 2008

The Use of Formative Assessment and Support Materials to Assist Students in Taking Control of Their Own Online Learning., Richard Brightwell and David Buchanan


Falls, Depression and antidepressants in Later Life: A Large Primary Care Appraisal, Ngaire Kerse, Leon Flicker, Jon J. Pfaff, Brian Draper, Nicola T. Lautenschlager, Moira Sim, John Snowdon, and Osvaldo P Almeida


The Experience of Faculty Practice: Developing and Evaluating a Newly Established Program, Caron Shuttleworth, Cobie Joan Rudd, Peter Smith, Shane Combs, and Toni Wain

Does General Practice Google?, Moira Sim, Eric Khong, and Moyez Jiwa