Australian Digital Forensics Conference

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School of Computer and Information Science, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia


The paper gives an overview of mobile phone flasher devices and their use for servicing mobile phones, their illegitimate uses and their use in mobile phone forensics. It discusses the different varieties of flasher devices and the differences between them. It also discusses the shortcomings of conventional mobile forensics software and highlights the need for the use of flasher devices in mobile forensics to compensate for the shortcomings. The paper then discusses the issues with the use of flasher devices in mobile forensics and precautions and considerations of their use. The paper goes further to suggest means of testing the flasher devices and suggest some tools that can be used to analyse raw data gathered from mobile phones that have been subjected to flasher devices.


5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia, December 3rd 2007.