Australian Digital Forensics Conference

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The use of computer forensics is important for forensic accounting practice because most accounting information is in digital forms today. The access to evidence is increasingly more complex and in far greater volumes than in previous decades. The effective and efficient means of detecting fraud are required for the public to maintain their confidence in the reliability of accounting audit and the reputation of accounting firms. The software tools used by forensic accounting can be called into question. Many appear inadequate when faced with the complexity of fraud and there needs to be the development of automated and specialist problem-solving forensic software. In this paper we review the context of forensic accounting and the potential to develop improved support tools. The recommendation is for adopting financial ratio analysis as the basis for an improved fraud detection software.


Originally published as: Cusack, B., & Ahokov , T. (2016). Improving forensic software tool performance in detecting fraud for financial statements. In Valli, C. (Ed.). (2016). The Proceedings of 14th Australian Digital Forensics Conference, 5-6 December 2016, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. (pp.17-24).