Exhibition floor talk | Herenow: Artists in Wonderland


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Exhibition floor talk | Herenow: Artists in Wonderland


Edith Cowan University

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School of Arts and Humanities; ECU Galleries


Herenow 24: Artists in Wonderland presents an exploration of contrasting styles, concepts and techniques from a diverse group of artists at various points in their artistic journeys. This exhibition invites the viewers into a wonderland of eleven different realms, each illuminating the creator’s personality and inspirations.

These wonderful worlds from which each artist lives and creates, divulges a narrative which illustrates and conveys passion, innocence, sentiment and intent to showcase and educate viewers on personal, political and playful themes. Viewers are encouraged to observe and consider the narrative of each work and imagine going down the rabbit hole into the artists own little worlds of wonder.

Additional Information

An hour floor talk in Spectrum Project Space, discussing curatorial processes and artists practice.

The following people contributed to the Floor Talk:
Dr Nicola Kaye, Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Dr Alix Beattie, ECU Galleries Officer
Shelley Elkins, Artist, Emerging Curator and DADAA Arts Worker

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