Exhibition floor talk | 'Extract from text score archive' and 'transports'

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Exhibition floor talk | 'extract from text score archive' and 'transports'


Edith Cowan University

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School of Arts and Humanities


Pederson, C., Cossio, E., Adams, L., & Beattie, A. (2024). Exhibition floor talk | 'extract from text score archive' and 'transports'. Edith Cowan Unversity.


Craig Pedersen | extract from the text score archive Exhibition Dates | 15 March – 17 April 2024 Since 2019, Craig Pedersen has composed conceptual musical scores on found index cards, exploring themes of artistic expression, autobiography, collaboration, and performance. Housed in a metal box, the cards serve as an archive for Pedersen’s performances. This exhibition features nearly 70 index cards displayed with watercolour paintings and prints made during same period, alongside multiple live musical events where musicians interpret the scores, activating the space. As part his ongoing project, Pedersen will continually add new index cards to the exhibition, contributing to the evolving body of work. Eduardo Cossio | Transports Exhibition Dates | 15 March – 17 April 2024 Transports is the debut photography exhibition of musician Eduardo Cossio. The collection displays a series of images capturing the fluidity of perception while prompting viewers to renegotiate their perception of the world. Echoing his experimental music practice, the photographs, quiet and contemplative, invite a free-fall into the viewer’s imagination. Eduardo Cossio is one of the most active experimental musicians in Boorloo. His work is concerned with extending the sonic possibilities of acoustic instruments by means of preparations, non-standard playing techniques, and electronics. Like with his music, Eduardo’s images move between the recognized and the defamiliarized; adopting shifting sightlines to explore texture, surface, and light in sculptural ways. This exhibition includes one of his Photo Scores projected in the gallery. The animated video projection re-interprets his own photographs through visual and musical tropes such as concrete art, collage techniques, acousmatic practices, and indeterminacy. Eduardo will offer live realisations of his Photo Scores throughout the exhibition.

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