Decibel - Electronic concertos, act 1

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TURA New Music and Perth Institute of Creative Arts


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications




Mulder, J., Travers, M., Ashley, C., Oliveiro, M., & Decibel, (2017). Decibel - Electronic concertos, act 1, PICA, Perth, Australia.


A series of co-composed pieces for electronic soloist and Decibel.

The concert featured the APRA AMC Decibel commissions, that include an iphone work from Mark Oliveiro (NSW) and a trautonium work by Meg Travers (WA). Other works included one for speakers from Johannes Mulder (WA), for Moog Synthesiser by Chris Tonkin (WA , for bass guitar from Pedro Alvarez (WA), a laptop concerto by Stuart James (WA) and a new harp work funded by the Difficult Commission by Catherine Ashley (electric harp).

Additional Information

Decibel - Electronic concertos, act 1 available on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) website


1. Johannes Mulder - Stolen Goods (stocketus), for loudspeakers with viola, cello, bass clarinet, bass guitar, percussion and electronics

2. Meg Travers – Southern Currents, for Trautonium with Theremin, cello, viola and percussion

3. Catherine Ashley – Concerto Games, for electric harp and mixed ensemble

4. Mark Oliveiro – Motherboard - A Circuit Bent concerto, for hacked toys with violin, cello, flute, bass clarinet, piano and electronics

Decibel: Cat Hope (artistic director, flutes, bass, Theremin); Lindsay Vickery (reeds, electronics); Stuart James (electronics, keyboards, programming); Aaron Wyatt (viola); Tristen Parr (cello); Louise Devenish (percussion, including circuit-bent toys).

Guest soloists: Catherine Ashely (Electric Harp); Meghan Travers (Trautonium); and Johannes Mulder (speaker stack).

Music recorded 24 October 2017 by ABC Classic FM sound engineer Gavin Fernie and producer Stephen Adams.