…with the fishes…

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Scale Variable 2015


Tura New Music & Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Hope, C., Vickery, L., James, S., Parr, T., Wyatt, A., & Devenish, L. (2015). …with the fishes…Perth, Western Australia: Tura New Music, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.



..…with the fishes… is a sibling to my 2013 work for Decibel, silent revolution. As the title suggests (and despite the nod to The Godfather) the work is a reflection on the future of our oceans (as well as an acronym summing up the situation). Like silent revolution, a range of music notations (including fragments of Debussy’s La Mer that wash through the score), are situated in the context of a collage of over 300 images and quotations by scientists, journalists and activists concerned with the state of things below the surface. These issues include the expansion of fossil fuel drilling into every ocean - including the arctic - rising sea-levels due to climate change, pollution from radiation leaks, jellyfish and algae blooms caused by fertiliser run-off, the thawing and release of ocean methane clathrate and the ever growing trash vortex. Although the predictions of the commentators quoted, such Chris Hedges, Alan Weisman, Eric Grundhauser (Slate), Gwynn Guildford (Quartz) and Örjan Gustafsson differ, they range from severe to apocalyptic. …with the fishes… began as an idea for a graphic novel I planned with my son Max and this idea also plays into the aesthetic of the work (and the quote about the fate of climate skeptics).

Additional Information

...with the fishes... was composed by Lindsay Vickery and performed as part of Anime, Concert 3 of the Scale Variable 2015 series, at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts on 5 September 2015.


Cat Hope: Artistic Director, flute, bass, electronics

Lindsay Vickery: reeds, composition, score design, electronics

Stuart James: piano, percussion, composition, electronics, MaxMSP, spatialisation

Tristen Parr: violoncello

Aaron Wyatt: violin/viola, iOS programming

Louise Devenish: percussion

Sound Design: Johannes Mulder

Technical Assistants: Laura Halligan, Jean-Michel Maujean

...with the fishes... was also performed as part of the Australasian Computer Music Conference in November 2015.