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Tura New Music & Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)




Hope, C., Vickery, L., James, S., Parr, T., Wyatt, A., & Devenish, L. (2015). EXIT. Perth, Western Australia: Tura New Music, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.


“Primorph”, a contraction of ‘Primitive Morphologies’, was commissioned for Decibel Ensemble by Difficult Listening, RTRFM’s contemporary art music program.

Primorph uses simple, geometric volumes - spheres, cubes and cones - and applies twists, bends, rotations and other distortions to create a myriad of constantly metamorphosing forms throughout the piece. The performers reflect these metamorphoses, transposing the visual changes into movements in sound across pitch, duration and timbral domains, oscillating between fairly strict criteria and more poetic interpretations. The piece represents a continuation of the composer’s previous work in the transposition of movement in space to sound where dancers have been the moving objects from which the sound derives its motion over time. The animation created for the piece also reflects this previous work in the theatrically staged setting of its five moving objects, each of which is identified with a particular instrument.

Additional Information

Primorph was composed by Jonathan Mustard and performed as part of Anime, Concert 3 of the Scale Variable 2015 series, at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts on 5 September 2015.


Cat Hope: Artistic Director, flute, bass, electronics

Lindsay Vickery: reeds, composition, score design, electronics

Stuart James: piano, percussion, composition, electronics, MaxMSP, spatialisation

Tristen Parr: violoncello

Aaron Wyatt: violin/viola, iOS programming

Louise Devenish: percussion

Sound Design: Johannes Mulder

Technical Assistants: Laura Halligan, Jean-Michel Maujean