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Edith Cowan University, Western Australia in association with Khon Kaen University, Thailand and Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Thailand.


EDU-COM 2006 International Conference. Engagement and Empowerment: New Opportunities for Growth in Higher Education, Edith Cowan University, Perth Western Australia, 22-24 November 2006.


The objectives of this study were to compare the students‘ attitudes towards portfolios in Teaching and Learning, abilities in clinical problem-solving before and after seminar, determine the relationship of students‘ abilities in seminar between their peer groups‘ and the instructors, determine the relationship of students‘ seminar report writing abilities as evaluated by the instructors and themselves, and to study students‘ abilities on working process. The samples were 80 second-year students in the continuing program. The research tools were composed of 2 scales, 4 assessment forms, and MEQ test. The data were analysed by SPSS/FW program using mean, SD, Paired t-test and relations. The results were found as follows: The students‘ attitude towards portfolios in teaching/learning before and after the seminar in issues and trends in nursing profession were statistically different at p< .001. The clinical problem-solving abilities before and after the seminar in issues and trends in nursing profession were statistically different at p<001. The abilities in seminar leader, seminar participants and seminar report writing were at a high level and there were significant correlations between instructors‘ and students‘ evaluation respectively. (r =.764 ,667 and.745). The students congruently evaluated themselves on the working process at high level in all aspects. The reasoning of chosen issues of study and work were composed of 1) need to reach the subject‘s goals, 2) satisfaction in knowing friends from working as a group, 3) sharing knowledge and learning to accept themselves and others, 4) getting more experiences and applying it to work after graduation. Moreover, they felt that their instructors‘ gave good advice and were completed experts which made the students have confidence in the instructor‘s knowledge. However, they wanted their instructors in the subgroup consultant provided the congruently advised on the process, writing the project and evaluation of the seminar, to improve the teaching resources and to provide them with more study time.

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