Miha Ciglar

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Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University


Refereed papers and artist presentations from the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference, hosted by Tura New Music in association with the Faculty of Education and Arts (including WAAPA), ECU, 2005.


In this paper I would like to introduce my recent composition: "I.B.R. Variation 1" (a composition for computer, electrified guitar, mixing board and human body), which is derived from three different projects, - Illusions, Body Mix, Resistance -, fusing three different and already unusual interfaces for musical expression into a powerful new musical instrument. The piece is implemented by employing computers and common sound synthesis/processing techniques in combination with a rather primitive manipulation and misuse of low tech analogue equipment. The main idea was to assign unusual tasks to usual pieces of musical equipment, transforming a mixing board into an oscillator (input connected with output), a guitar into a digital controller and a human body into a mixing board. All parts of the instrument eventually form a complex feedback chain, exposing a mix of original electroacoustic material and feedback oscillations to a continuous (analogue/digital) metamorphosis