Susanna Ferrar

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Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University


Refereed papers and artist presentations from the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference, hosted by Tura New Music in association with the Faculty of Education and Arts (including WAAPA), ECU, 2005.


The following non-refereed paper has been compiled by the editors from the audio transcript and notes provided by Susanna Ferrar for her talk delivered to the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference (Perth: 9 Oct. 2005). The original program note to her presentation reads: "I keep talking about this project I'm doing, visiting places where the ashes of my grandparents' children ended up, who were all born and raised in Western Australia. As I proceed, adventures seem to be befalling me. Sometimes it seems more important to hang out the washing or change the cat litter. The level of anxiety is high. I'm not sure I can cope. I am the artist. I am going to talk. I am chipping away all the bits that aren't part of whatever it is that I am creating. I have sound, I have pictures. There are words. I don't know what they will make in the end. It will be personal, subjective, universal, pretentious, daring, weak." Ferra also played the violin as part of her presentation.