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This collection contains a number of datasets comprising a mixture of Word documents, Excel and SPSS files. The collection includes transcripts of interviews and focus groups and an analysis of the results of interviews, focus groups and surveys. The research is aimed at measuring resilience in both individuals and families across a range of settings. Groups involved in the research included university students: postgraduate female students, new first-year university students and students transitioning into second year. Also personnel working across the national security agencies, law enforcement and private security sectors were surveyed. The purpose of the research is to develop theory-based tools for measuring resilience across the lifespan: the Lifespan Resilience Scale (LRS) and the LRS Vetting (LSRV) tool.

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Data collection has been gathered together by Associate Professor Lynne Cohen, Dr Julie Ann Pooley, Dr Bronwyn Harman and Mr Craig Harms all of Edith Cowan University. The collection started 2002, is added to on a monthly basis and is continuing. Results of each stage of the data gathering will inform the next stage of the research project.

Lifespan Resilience Research Group
- http://www.psychology.ecu.edu.au/research/lifespan-resilience/

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Resilience Across the Lifespan

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In psychology, resilience is a well researched phenomenon that is considered a multidimensional construct where individual attributes, family aspects and social environment interact in aiding individuals to deal with vulnerability. The Lifespan Resilience Research Group is developing knowledge and understanding of resilience in populations in a range of settings and the researchers are developing new measures of resilience that can be used across the lifespan. This measure provides a theory based tool for measuring resilience in both individuals and families. This measure has already been tested in a population of university students and is now ready for testing in other populations. The project commenced in 2002 and is ongoing.

Researchers have a funding agreement with Clan (Community Link And Network) and a memorandum of understanding with Family Relationship Centres (Anglicare).

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June 2002



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