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Edith Cowan University

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School of Science / Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research


International Climate Initiative (IKI) - Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. Federal Republic of Germany


The data set contains seagrass soil carbon (blue carbon) characteristics for four sites in each of Thailand (Trang), Malaysia (Johor and Penang) and The Philippines (Roxas), and for six sites in Indonesia (North Minahasa and Sangihe Island). For each site, four seagrass cores (100 cm long) were collected and then sliced at 1 cm intervals for the top 5 cm and for 5 cm intervals thereafter. Every slice was analysed for dry bulk density and Loss on Ignition (Organic Matter). Approximately 26 slices per core were analysed for Organic Carbon (elemental analysis). The data set provides the location coordinates for each core and the above variables for each slice that was analysed.

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The data were collected as part of the Seagrass Ecosystems Services Project by ECU and Yapeka (in Indonesia), SAN (in Thailand), MareCet (in Malaysia) and C3 (in The Philippines). The data are intended to inform climate change mitigation initiativces and seagrass conservation and are free for use with acknowledgement and if subsequent products are made available under the same license terms (CC BY-SA).


Multiple locations - provided in dataset, within the area bounded by: 7.513550° N, 99.293820° E; and 2.164621° N, 104.083107° E; and 1.700136° N, 125.023201° E; and 10.368281° N, 119.478825° E



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Conservation of biodiversity, seagrass ecosystems and their services – safeguarding food security and resilience in vulnerable coastal communities in a changing climate

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Seagrasses provide ecosystem services critical for environmental protection/carbon sequestration, human food security, biodiversity protection, and fisheries production. Yet they are neglected in decision-making, leading to alarming rates of loss. By focusing on priority sites in the Indo-Pacific, where seagrass habitats are critical for populations of threatened marine megafauna, this project assessed the value of seagrass ecosystem services (SES) and integrated them into decision-making and business models to ensure the sustainability, productivity, and resilience of seagrasses and the coastal communities that rely on them. The project empowers local communities to contribute to the data needed to inform decision-makers and to develop sustainable financing for the conservation of seagrasses and associated biodiversity that are tailored to the specific environmental and economic contexts of the five target countries.


Field sampling of seagrass sediments using PVC corers. Subsequent analysis by combustion for LoI. Analysis for Organic carbon either direct (elemental analysis) for Malaysia and Thailand, or indirect, through OM:OC regressions for Indonesia and The Philippines.

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