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The research was partly funded by Flora of ABRS (Australian Biological Resources Study) in 1998.


The data collection includes a range of physical and digital materials concerning Dr Kristina Lemson's research on the Western Australian plant, Andersonia, found in the South West Botanical Province. The data collection includes collecting books in print format, drawings, digital photo images, physical plant specimens, plant measurements, hand written notebooks, a database of morphology, outputs from MacClade computer program used for phylogenetic analysis. Measurements were applied and the computational phylogenetics program PAUP (Phyogenetic Analaysis Using Parsimony) was used a for inferring trees. This was used together with the program MacClade. There is a mixture of data with various formats depending on the data: Excel files, tif images, text files with GPS co-ordinates, Clade output format from the MacClade computer program, Nexis data format, physical specimens and hand-written notes.

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Systematics of Andersonia

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The project commenced as Dr Kristina Lemson’s research on the plant genus Andersonia in the family Ericaceae. The genus is endemic to the South West Botanical Province in Western Australia. Data was collected from 1993 and Dr Lemson completed her PHD at the University of Western Australia in 2001 and her dissertation was entitled “The phylogeny and taxonomy of Andersonia R.Br. (Ericaceae/Epacridaceae)”. Plants were collected in the field under a Western Australian Department of Conservation and Environment (DEC) licence. Existing data from the WA herbarium and other herbaria and botanical sources was examined. Currently Dr Lemson’s research continues at Edith Cowan University within The Centre for Ecosystem Management. She uses phylogenetic methods to document and describe the diversity and evolution of plants. She is particularly interested in evolutionary patterns of diversity among species in the high rainfall south-west region and the semi-arid Coolgardie interzone. Kristina’s research uses the methods of phylogenetic analysis to investigate diversity, and to complement ecologically based work. Her systematics research uses morphological methods, with an emphasis on plant architecture and inflorescence structure, floral morphology, and anatomy, and seeks to integrate morphological and molecular approaches to phylogeny reconstruction.

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