The Parents and Smoke-Free Kids dataset

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The data collection contains qualitative and quantitative research data associated with the Parents and smoke-free Kids Project. The data was collected from a convenience sample of 46 parents/carers of primary school aged children via four focus groups and 17 interviews. To be eligible to participate, parents/carers had to have children aged four to nine years and to currently smoke, used to smoke or lived with someone who smoked. Participants were asked for their opinions about smoking cessation; ways to discourage children from smoking and features of the proposed intervention materials. Intervention materials were four versions of a pamphlet for parents about protecting their child from cigarette smoke and provide information on their preferred setting and channel for receiving information relating to smoking cessation and their child. Quantitative data includes gender, age, rural or Metro location and smoking status. In 2008 participants were also asked their preferred version of the draft pamphlets that had been developed and preferred channel and settings for distribution of smoking information. Quantitative data are stored as Excel and SPSS files. The qualitative data includes transcriptions of audio recordings of interviews (face-to-face and telephone) and focus groups conducted with parents of primary school aged children. Qualitative data are stored in Word format as NVivo6 and NVivo8 files. Data was collected from 150 parents/carers of primary school aged children in socially disadvantaged areas (selected using the SEIFA index) of the Perth Metropolitan area and two rural areas of Western Australia (Geraldton and Northam) during 2007 and 2008.

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The Parents and Smoke-free Kids Project has been funded by a Healthway Health Promotion Research Starter Grant and the IP arising from research rests with that organisation.

Other Edith Cowan University investigators in the research are all from the CHPRC: Ms Felicity Stephens, Dr Lydia Hearn, Ms Sharon Bell, Dr Robyn Johnston (Project Director), Ms Renee Campbell-Pope (Project Coordinator), Ms Zeenat Ahmed and Ms Helen Monks.

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The Parents and Smoke-Free Kids Project

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Growing evidence suggests that targeting parental smoking cessation can be an effective method of reducing smoking among adolescents, but it can have a stronger effect on children’s smoking behaviour if parental cessation occurs prior to a child reaching nine years of age. The goal of this formative research project of the Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia was to determine the most effective strategies and messages for use with parents of young children (prior to the age of nine) to help them to quit smoking and to communicate more frequently and effectively with their children about smoking. The outcome of the project was to develop, in consultation with parents and stakeholders, a ‘portfolio’ of interventions to help parents who smoke, and have young children, to quit smoking. A further outcome was to develop a ‘toolkit’ for health professionals to enhance the effectiveness and consistency of implementation of these interventions. Emphasis was placed on parent-based communication interventions to encourage smoking cessation in socially disadvantaged families of junior primary school age children (aged 4 to 8 years).

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