Wetlands macroinvertebrate monitoring program of the Gnangara Mound

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The dataset consists of environmental data gathered since 1996 from sixteen wetlands on the Gnangara Mound north of Perth, Western Australia and it provides a reliable and reasonably long term record of the conditions of wetlands over time, as a benchmark for future conditions and a reliable indicator of wetland condition. It also provides detailed knowledge of the way data have been gathered in the past so as to keep monitoring consistent and contribute to the understanding of wetland ecosystem function on the Swan Coastal Plain.
The wetlands of the Gnangara Mound that are being monitored as part of the program are: Lake Gnangara, Lake Goollelal, Lake Jandabup, Lake Joondalup North, Lake Joondalup South, Lake Marginiup, Loch McNess North, Loch Mcness South, Melaleuca Park, Lake Nowergup, Pipindinny Swamp, Lake Yonderup, Lake Bambun, Lake Muckenburra, Quins Brook, Yeal Lake. Wetland monitoring falls into four categories: sentinel wetlands, triennial wetlands, episodic wetlands and SGS (Shallow Groundwater Systems) wetlands.
The dataset consists of environmental data: water quality measurements and photos held in Excel and Primer files. Data is categorised by wetland, by water quality parameters, and by different invertebrates. The research program produces an annual report presenting a summary of the water chemistry and findings of macro-invertebrate monitoring work carried out for the year. The report is accompanied by two databases on CD.

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Access to the dataset is subject to Western Australian Department of Water approval. Contact Dr Pierre Horwitz to determine access conditions.

There is an agreement between the Western Australian Department of Water and Edith Cowan University concerning the rights to this collection.

Data gathering has been undertaken by Dr Pierre Horwitz and researchers at Edith Cowan University.

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GMEMP (Gnangara Mound Environmental Monitoring Program)

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The purpose of the GMEMP research is to monitor sixteen wetlands on the Gnangara Mound in the region of Perth, Western Australia. The Gnangara Mound is Perth's largest source of groundwater, stretching from Gingin in the north to the Swan River in the south, a region that has been subject to declining rainfall and ongoing decline in the regional groundwater table.
Environmental monitoring of the Gnangara Mound has been ongoing since 1996. Wetlands are monitored for their physical-chemical properties and macroinvertebrate assemblages. Monitoring is done at various times of the year, often in spring, when water levels are close to their presumed maxima. The objective of the monitoring program is to provide information of the water quality of wetlands, the status of aquatic macroinvertebrates in these wetlands and their response to changes in water quality and water levels. Related monitoring programs are also being undertaken, gathering data about plants on the Gnangara Mound wetlands.

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