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School of Science / Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research


This work was supported and funded by School of Science PhD and Honours funding at Edith Cowan University and Western Australian Naturalist Club Serventy memorial award in 2016.


The excel file contains: summary of daily maximum precipitation from global rainfall analysis, monthly change in seagrass indicators (biomass, leaf density etc); water quality data including salinity, temperature and light data. There are also .nc files containing precipitation data from 1979-2019.



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Population-specific resilience of Halophila ovalis seagrass habitat to unseasonal rainfall, an extreme climate event in estuaries.

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This research investigates whether unseasonal rainfall events can be considered extreme in estuaries across the globe that represent different climatic settings. Additionally, a case study estuary is selected following an extreme rainfall event in 2017 is selected. Metrics are adapted to characterize aspects of the event using salinity data by adapting an approach applied for marine heatwaves. The resilience of seagrass is also measured prior to and following the event. We found that some seagrass populations were able to recover whilst others did not and this may be attributed to differences in their environmental regime.


Field survey monthly between Dec 2016 to March 2018

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Excel, NC files

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Excel files: 32.3, 101.7, 260 KB NC files: 1.7 – 1.8 MB

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Subject to the reader’s preference, the .nc files were viewed using the program software R.

If using R, there are many options online available that provide code to view the files. Below is an excerpt of the code we used for the Swan-Canning estuary ( as an example.

#import netcdf file as raster brick



#this code converts the bricks to a dataframe


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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.


Webster et al_JoE dataset.xlsx (713 kB)
Flood metrics.xlsx (101 kB)
totalannualprecipitation_allestuaries.xlsx (32 kB)
NC file instructions.txt (1 kB) (1743 kB) (1767 kB) (1779 kB) (1785 kB) (1801 kB) (1705 kB) (1761 kB) (1789 kB) (1751 kB) (1795 kB) (2339 kB) (1727 kB) (1757 kB)
Murray (1793 kB) (1769 kB) (1809 kB) (1771 kB) (1799 kB) (1753 kB) (1783 kB) (1801 kB) (1777 kB) (1737 kB) (1779 kB) (1787 kB)


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