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inConversation was a collaborative exhibition amongst creative higher degree by research candidates (from the School of Communications and Arts and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), local, national and international arts practitioners and researchers from different art forms and discipline backgrounds. The exhibition invited conversations between artists and researcher collaborators working together to produce a broad range of creative works, culminating in an exhibition titled inConversation, staged at Edith Cowan University’s Spectrum Project Space in October 2014.

The context for the inConversation exhibition aimed to inform and expand on current debates about the challenges and benefits of inter- and cross-disciplinary collaboration in the arts. While collaboration within discrete artistic disciplines has been quite common, it is now becoming increasingly important for artists to look beyond their silos and invite interactions with researchers in other disciplines and art forms. This exhibition explored what complexity may mean in terms of the processes of practice-led research in probing how the push and pull of the collaborative process, by which the outcomes become more than the sum of the parts, plays out in a cross-disciplinary, creative context.

Publication Date



Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University


Perth, Western Australia


School of Communications and Arts


[RstdPub]. Exhibition, Cross-disciplinary practice-led research, Art, Conversation


Arts and Humanities


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