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Winged Seed Songs is a special selection of my poetry written over the last forty years or so. These poems were inspired in the main by listening to some of the world’s greatest musical works often performed in our remarkable Perth Concert Hall. I have always felt somewhat chastened by the poet’s achievements compared to those of the composer. The immediacy and universality of music’s appeal and its power to instantly induce very physical responses must make the poet envy this art form. I continue to crave the power to induce audience or reader responses as immediate and strong as those that composers and musicians seem to achieve effortlessly. [32+poems]



Publication Date



The International Centre for Landscape and Language (CREATEC), Edith Cowan University


Mt. Lawley, Western Australia


School of Communications and Arts


[ECUPubs], Poetry, Musical forms and moods




First published in 2014 by The International Centre for Landscape and Language (CREATEC), Edith Cowan University. Edited with an Introduction by Kenneth Gasmier.

Winged seed songs: 32 poems in musical forms & musical moods

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