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Most of the poems in this book were included in the poetry section of my PhD in Creative Writing in 2006 under the title of “Land Whisperings: a Poetics of Newplace and Birthplace”. A theme of the thesis was ‘palimpsest’ the rendering of a new work over the top of an older one. Some of the poems therefore take skeletal forms from well-known British and Australian poems yet are new poems created upon the old. The poems also evoke my memories and experiences of my homeland, particularly the Wheatbelt of Western Australia but also landscapes of Italy and China in particular in which I have spent much time over the years.[31 poems]



Publication Date



International Centre for Landscape and Language Press, Edith Cowan University


Perth, Western Australia


School of Communications and Arts


[ECUPubs], Poetry




First published in 2014 by the International Centre for Landscape and Language Press, Edith Cowan Univesity. Edited with Introduction by Shane McCauley

Land whisperings: Poems and palimpsests

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