We have developed a customisable, web-based proficiency test system that delivers randomised questions, contextual data, and formative feedback to students as part of the Business Edge program for Bachelor of Business students at Edith Cowan University. Our primary aim in developing this system was to create a web-based learning environment that promotes motivation and learning through controlled formative feedback. Additional aims included: the development of easy-to-use lecturer administration; automated record keeping; automated marking; and the ability to offer students multiple attempts on a given test (with new questions / datasets for each attempt). These ‘lower-level aims’ were met successfully. Nevertheless, there is more to be done: we did not reach the theoretically ideal learning environment required to achieve our desired outcomes to promote motivation and learning based upon formative feedback. We conclude that the formative feedback components of our proficiency test system need to be enhanced significantly if it is to be of true benefit to students.

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