It is high time we moved performance assessment into the mobile age. Performance is one of the most difficult tasks to assess using traditional methods. The pen-and-paper method generates multiple administrative bottlenecks that prevent the assessor from focusing on their primary task of professional judgment. The application of mobile technology and tablet devices can now replace pen-and-paper assessment, and achieve significant synergies resulting from the combination of technology with the assessors’ professional judgment.

The presentation will demonstrate how the application of mobile technology to the assessment of performances can be successfully achieved. The Touch2Assess (T2A) software process developed over the last three years was used to develop the mobile assessment app. The assessment task involved a group performance and an individual task of a third-year Education unit. The mobile assessment app allowed the assessment of these two tasks, and the combining of the rubrics and comments into one pdf document. The pdf document was then emailed to the student from within the app. On completion of marking, a spreadsheet of marks was sent to the coordinator. The whole assessment process was done within the app and only required wifi access for the email process.

This app has been used in three cycles to date. So far, the results have demonstrated that the technology works and that it eliminates the bottlenecks and saves significant time. Some issues relating to staff training on the use of the e-mail feature within the app are currently being addressed. A discussion of possible enhancements to the mobile tablet assessment process will conclude the presentation.