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In today’s economy, innovation is the strategic driving force in getting unique opportunities and adding value to knowledge assets. Many countries, to compete and to adapt themselves to the complexity of the new world, try to be innovative and continuously upgrade their knowledge along with changes happened in the environment. Theses countries consider innovation as the key strategy in achieving sustainable competitive advantage and making continuous improvement in their structures, processes, and programs. The interesting thing about start-up accelerator centres that is the main interest of my research is that they try to respond to the demand shaped in the world about the necessity of innovation- related issues. Start-up accelerator is an organization that support start-ups to work on their innovative idea and successfully transform it into commercial products and services. They assist in reinforcing innovation process through the adoption of structured and systematic program.

Based on research accounts of the effective role of start-up accelerators in facilitating start-ups’ innovation process, the researcher proposes to probe into the functions of such companies to yield crucial data about their role and significance in the commercialisation of new ideas proposed by start-ups. To help identify the characteristics, functions, and mechanisms which work in start-up accelerators and accelerate the start-ups’ success in commercialisation, the researcher will conduct ‘critical realism’ philosophy and ‘realist review’ methodology to deeply evaluate the acceleration program.

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School of Business & Law


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Eslamloo, F. (2017). How start-up accelerators facilitate innovation. Poster presented at ECU Research Week, 19th September. School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University

How start-up accelerators facilitate innovation