Employable global graduates: The 'edge' that makes the difference

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Fuller, T., & Scott, G. (2009). Employable global graduates: The 'edge' that makes the difference. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual Teaching Learning Forum. Curtin University: Perth, Western Australia.


In an increasingly competitive tertiary sector, ensuring that students are job-ready and employable is a necessity and a great opportunity. In recent years, employers have expressed concern that many graduates are unprepared for employment, and Edith Cowan University (ECU) has responded quickly and decisively to this challenge. The Business Edge program consists of four units across the three years of the undergraduate Bachelor of Business degree. In the program, the values of ECU and of the Faculty of Business and Law and the expected attributes of graduates are linked to the necessary skills identified by employers. In Business Edge, students complete activities in teams and individually, related to relevant and challenging business topics. A facilitative approach to learning is used to assist students to become more reflective learners. In semester one 2009, there will be 35 classes and over 800 students completing the program locally and on-line, as well as additional students offshore through partner institutions. As a result of the program, students have been successful in gaining employment to support their studies and similar success is expected from graduating students. Students' standards of work and levels of critical thinking have significantly improved. They have worked with local businesses to produce detailed, relevant and innovative documents which have been implemented immediately. A Business Edge student finished in the top four contestants in the recent W.A. Business Icon competition.