The Digital Filing Cabinet: Using Web-2 Technologies To Collaborate, Create, And Manage Student Information

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Lane, J., & Campbell, A. (2008). The Digital Filing Cabinet: Using Web2 Technologies to Collaborate Create and Manage Student Information. eCULTURE, 1(1). Original article available here.


This paper discusses the development and piloting of a digital filing system. It promotes the idea of the paperless office or teaching space of the future. This is a tool to improve efficiency, accountability and collaboration when managing data. This system allows you to have access to all your records wherever you are. It allows joint authoring and input of data. Teachers, managers and students, who need to store and manage important data, can customize the toll o meet their needs. It supports a vision of a learning community of the future where all the needed information is right at your fingertips where ever you are working. Key players can access records over the web at any time or place. There is also a stand-alone version on the desktop when you are not connected to a network. The system is designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of staff. This paper documents the participatory action research model used in the development and evaluation of the system in which an ICT specialist and an educator worked collaboratively over two years to trial and pilot the system. This system is currently being applied in a tertiary setting, managing a course that runs over three campuses. The technology and principles of this interactive web-based student management system can be used in school settings for digital portfolios, managing assessment records or office settings for data management.

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